This is Synth

A diverse group of engineers, dreamers, thinkers and - above all - doers.

We’ve worked with the best
We have tackled difficult engineering and business problems in Finance, Media, Tech, Government, Education across North America and Asia.
These varied experiences have equipped us with the tools and experience necessary to help us tackle our next challenge: building powerful and simple-to-use developer tools that users and teams love.

Our Values


People come before the systems (software or corporations). We will always take the time to find the elusive strategies where both flourish.


While decisions should be guided by facts, they must be rooted in strong moral principles focused on civic engagement.


Things should be designed to last, be reused and fit well in their environments. This applies to software, organizations, and solutions.

This is Our Team

And we can’t wait to meet you
Parham Negahdar
Partner - Engineering
Stephen Estrada
Partner - Engineering
Pedram Negahdar
Partner - Engineering
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